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A special memory

Last night we took our annual Strange Family Platter of Goodness to the fire station down the street.  The vibe was a little different this year, but they seemed very happy to have it.  Surprised, even.

It made me remember my daughter's fourth birthday.

We were going over the list of people she wanted to attend her party.  Family, friends, and -- out of the blue -- the firefighters.  I explained that they had to work and that they could only leave the fire station for emergencies.

She looked at me, cocked her head to one side, and said, "Well, can we make cupcakes to take to them?"

How could anyone say no to that?

So the girl and I made a batch of pink cupcakes with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles (her favorite colors) and drove down to the station.

They were surprised by the gift of food, and completely blown away by the notion that she had wanted to do something for *them* on *her* birthday.

I think we're going to start taking Platters of Goodness down there more often.

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What an amazing little lady you have there. Not surprising though considering her mom and dad

FABULOUS. And the firefighters are hot.

This is awesome. Can I make food for them if I just want to ogle? The intent is different, but the outcome is the same afterall!

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