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another blast from my foodie past

Meridian Grand Tournament is an annual SCA event the encourages the finest heraldic pomp and circumstance of the kingdom.  It's a lovely event -- big fun, too with more than half a dozen tournaments each boasting 20 or more fighters.


Anyway, in 2008, I decided to make the MGT -- the Meridian Peep Tournament.  Doug and Seumas were huge helps in getting the thing executed.  It also happened to be the King's birthday that year, so we presented it in his honor.

The subtlety isn't truly faithful to the event -- there are no heads on pikes in the SCA -- but it's hilarious to see a decapitated Peep.

The funniest part was that nobody wanted to hack it up and eat it.  I had to enlist the aid of Count Caspar; he and Iazzie had a contest to see who could stuff the most Peeps into his mouth at once.  I think Caspar won with eleven (!).

The turret is shortbread mortared with caramel frosting, the trebuchet and tournament pell are biscotti, the shields are Milanos.  The Peeps were dipped in white chocolate bark and hand-colored with food-grade markers.  The grandstands and the Royal pavilion were built from graham crackers.  The flags and pavilion fly were made from fruit leather, and it all sits on a brownie base.

The King and Queen got such a kick out of it, they even took their Peep likenesses home with them.


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